Trading like you’ve never seen it before – Injective Protocol, the DEX that changes everything

In the twists and turns of the cryptocurrency markets, it is difficult to always find happiness despite the abundance of platforms. Indeed, if all the better to offer a multitude of tokens, few are able to reconcile so well efficiency, user experience and values ​​of the original cryptosphere. Today, I present to you Injective Protocol, which could be a game-changer!

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Injective Protocol.

An exchange on Cosmos, the head turned towards the stars

Injective Protocol is a fully decentralized exchange built on Cosmos . If you missed an episode, remember that Cosmos is nothing less than the protocols of reference for interoperability between different blockchains ecosystem Cosmos for example compliant with the virtual machine to Ethereum ( EVM ). This system ensures the portability of the most popular smart contracts in the ecosystem. But what for, you will tell me? Well simply let you interact with the most famous projects built on Bitcoin Capital without being subject to the risk of clogging the network and its costs so crazy !

Based on a Proof of Stake architecture , Injective Protocol makes it possible to combine both the non-custodial aspect dear to the greatest crypto experts and the security usually expected from reference exchanges .

There is therefore no question of compromising with the ideals of decentralization , on the pretext of better performance ! No, with Injective you want the best of both worlds, and you get it !

Liquidity, rewards: what more could you ask for?

All the world will be able to participate : the aim, nothing less than to create a free market and not censored when cryptomonnaies be able to exchange the liking of the desires … but why not other forms of values , such as futures , for example. For the sake of performance , Injective Protocol will be based on classic order books , providing stability and reliability … but also allowing the famous market making , synonymous with a probable very appreciable liquidity !

Incubated by Binance Labs , Injective Protocol promises: such proximity to such a historic source of liquidity makes one dream ! But that’s not all, since its other major partners within the ecosystem, but also the prospects offered by fluid trading between interoperable blockchains, make the project a bet to follow .

Not to spoil anything, and as is now customary, the protocol will be based on a utility token to offer decentralized governance , staking and various rewards (such as affiliation or reductions on trading fees ). What if we also told you that this token is already listed on Binance (of course!)?