Stone Ridge CEO Stevens to Michael Saylor

„Bitcoin will be worth more than gold“: Stone Ridge CEO Stevens to Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy event: ‚Bitcoin will be worth more than gold‘

„The Future is Now“: Under this motto, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor invited the crypto space to a summit. In doing so, he exchanged views with Ross Stevens, CEO of Stone Ridge Asset Management, on Bitcoin’s disruptive potential in the financial world.

„There is a macroeconomic wind blowing“: this was the formula MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor used to prayerfully break down the central banks‘ monetary policy caused by the pandemic. During the roughly two-hour thematic block „Bitcoin for Corporatians“, Saylor first exchanged views with Ross Stevens, CEO of Stone Ridge Asset Management, on the effective power of cryptocurrency in the Bitcoin Bonanza financial world and then discussed some business models that are based on the new crypto-economy. In doing so, Saylor lived up to his reputation as a Bitcoin entrepreneur.

„Bitcoin is invaluable“.

Bullish tones are what one is used to from Michael Saylor. Ever since the CEO of publicly traded software company MicroStrategy initiated the redeployment of cash reserves into bitcoin last year, Saylor has become a mouthpiece for BTC adoption in the business world. For the first time, the multi-day World.Now Summit is taking place under his auspices, bringing together industry representatives and interested parties virtually. However, he left most of the talking to Ross Stevens, whose Bitcoin euphoria is in no way inferior to Saylor’s.

Ross Stevens

Asking why companies should put BTC on the agenda in the first place, Stevens pointed to the macroeconomic uncertainties of corona-induced inflationary monetary policy by central banks. Due to the money printing machines running at full pressure, „corporate reserves are becoming increasingly risky“. As a result, companies are looking for suitable stores of value that not only protect their capital but also function as viable investments for the future. The pandemic has set in motion the „Virtual Wave“, which is accelerating the Bitcoin adoption process.

We have realised that we need to find a way to virtualise our money, because the financial response to the pandemic is monetary expansion, and monetary expansion has created asset inflation, and asset inflation has created a rush to a new monetary system.

„We are seeing the emergence of a dominant digital money network“

Bitcoin is in many ways superior to both fiat money and gold, he said. What sets BTC apart from other assets, he said, is its transferability across space and time. In real time, values can be sent across the entire globe using Bitcoin as a medium. Fiat transactions are comparatively slow, not to mention gold, which is difficult to transport. Bitcoin bundles most of the money functions, is „smarter, faster and better“ than fiat or gold and also serves as an investable asset class.