Secure Your Bitcoin with Coinbase & Bitkey: 100x Potential!

• Coinbase and Bitkey are partnering to promote Bitcoin self-custody
• Bitkey is a self-custody Bitcoin wallet built by the Block, Inc.
• The partnership will integrate Coinbase Pay for users to buy/sell or transfer Bitcoin to their Bitkey wallets

Coinbase and Bitkey Partner Up

Coinbase and Bitkey, the self-custody Bitcoin (BTC) wallet built by the Block, Inc., have announced a global partnership that will see the two companies promote self-custody usage. The partnership, which will span six continents, will see Bitkey users buy and sell BTC on Coinbase, as well as transfer their holdings to their self-custody Bitkey wallets.

Integrating Coinbase Pay

The wallet includes a mobile app, hardware device and set of recovery tools, the companies said in a blog announcement on Thursday. According to the announcement, Coinbase and Bitkey will leverage Coinbase Pay to allow customers easy access to fiat-to-crypto onramps, the US-based crypto exchange noted in the blog post. It is a key component to powering the next adoption phase of the Bitcoin economy.

Global Beta Program

The collaboration between Coinbase and Bitkey is kicking off as the self-custody wallet launches its global beta program. Customers in the beta program will be able to transfer their Bitcoin from centralized exchanges to Bitkey’s self-custody wallet. Buying and selling as well as direct transfers between Coinbase and Bitkey will be enabled when the wallet launches to the public later this year. As noted above, Bitkey and Coinbase will offer the service to customers in six continents including countries like US, Canada, UK etc.

Empowering Users To Own Their Bitcoins

„At Bitkey we’re building a self-custody bitcoin wallet designed to empower