Race to $7M in Prizes: Zoomex X WSOT 2023 Unlocks Your Trading Prowess!

• The World Series of Trading (WSOT) is back with a partnership with F2 Ferrari driver Oliver Bearman, offering an incredible prize pool of $7 million.
• Traders can expect to receive bonuses and rewards such as Signed Ferrari helmets and racing suits, and a chance to win up to $400,000 in USDT.
• The competition runs from July 24th to September 7th.

Zoomex X WSOT 2023: Unleash Your Trading Prowess and Race to $7 Million in Prizes!

WSOT 2023: A Unique Crypto Trading Experience

The leading crypto exchange Zoomex has joined forces with F2 Ferrari driver Oliver Bearman for the World Series of Trading (WSOT) 2023, an exhilarating cryptocurrency trading competition offering an unprecedented prize pool of $7 million. This groundbreaking event promises traders the ultimate trading experience with bonuses and rewards such as Signed Ferrari helmets, racing suits, and a chance to win up to $400,000 in USDT.

Registration Bonuses & Lucky Draws

New Zoomex users who register within 72 hours before the start of WSOT can receive a bonus reward of $50. Additionally, there’s an exciting opportunity for lucky registration prizes where every 100 applicants will be selected to receive a generous prize of 100 USDT bonus rewards. Furthermore, Copy Trading Fest is introducing new features including Lucky Draws which offers participants the opportunity to win incredible rewards such as Signed Ferrari helmets or cash rewards worth up to $500,000 USDT .

Solo & Squad Competitions

Traders can participate both solo and in squads during the 43-day event running from July 24th until September 7th. Team participants have a chance at winning up to $6 million in USDT prizes while individual competitors stand the chance at winning staggering prizes worth up to $400,000 in USDT .

Unprecedented Fusion Of High-Speed Trading And Racing

Zoomex aims at providing traders with an unparalleled fusion of high-speed trading and racing through its collaboration with Oliver Bearman. By joining forces with WSOT 2023 , Zoomex is taking crypto trading excitement levels to new heights by empowering traders from all corners of the globe.

Preserve Spirit Of Anonymity With No KYC Approach
In addition to its cutting-edge technology , superior liquidity , loyalty program , Zoomex also ensures its customers‘ privacy by offering a no KYC approach preserving anonymity without compromising on security measures .