Make Profits with Chancer: Decentralized Predictive Market-Making Platform

• Chancer is a decentralized social predictive market-making platform that allows people to set their own odds for betting.
• The sports betting market is rapidly growing and Chancer seeks to compete against traditional bookmakers.
• The presale of the native CHANCER token has already started, allowing investors to purchase the token before it goes live on Uniswap.

Chancer: A Decentralized Social Predictive Market-Making Platform

The Chancer betting platform provides users with the ability to bet on anything they want, without having to rely on traditional bookmakers who bet against participants. In recent years, the sports betting industry has seen an exponential growth in many countries worldwide, and the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the federal ban on sports betting in 2018 only further solidified its position as one of the fastest growing industries.

Presale of Native Cryptocurrency CHANCER

In order to capitalize on this growing industry, Chancer has launched its native cryptocurrency CHANCER token in a 12-stage presale that began at $0.01 per coin and is expected to end with a price of $0.021 per coin at press time. This presale will allow investors to purchase tokens before it goes live on Uniswap.

Benefits for Token Holders

Once the presale concludes, token holders will begin seeing their benefits immediately as they will be able to take advantage of various features provided by Chancer such as being able to predict outcomes and earn rewards based on those predictions. Additionally, all token holders will have access to exclusive privileges such as early access events and discounts available only through Chancer’s loyalty program.

How Does It Work?

The Chancer platform utilizes blockchain technology which enables users from all over the world to make bets using CHANCER tokens without relying upon any centralized third parties or middlemen. This decentralization also ensures privacy for all participants involved in each transaction since no personal information is stored or shared among any other users or platforms. Furthermore, smart contracts are used by Chancer so that each bet made is executed efficiently and securely without any delays caused by processing times associated with centralized systems like banks or payment processors.


By utilizing blockchain technology and introducing its native cryptocurrency CHANCER tokens, Chancer seeks to revolutionize how people bet by providing them with more control over their bets than ever before while still remaining secure and reliable due its decentralized nature