Alleged Bitcoin Inventor Craig Wright: Crypto Fund Provides Update On Litigation

A crypto fund says: All evidence suggests Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin . In turn, he is suing the payment giant Square and other influential Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash companies.

BSV-Fonds is behind Wright

In a document, the crypto fund „Unbounded Capital“ disclosed details of the ongoing legal battle between alleged Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright and various Bitcoin-related companies.

The company invests exclusively in companies and products related to Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), the Bitcoin fork represented by Wright and billionaire businessman Calvin Ayre. It is run by Zach Resnick and is a vocal supporter of BSV – he refers to it as Crypto Profit instead of Bitcoin „Satoshi Vision“ on its website.

Wright has sued,, and for illegally hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper on their sites – on the grounds that it is his property and that it violates both copyright law and BTC and BCH as the real Bitcoin ( for instructions on how to buy Bitcoin at eToro ) „spends“.

Unbounded explains that they are „not surprised“ by the development. „We believe that CSW is the inventor of Bitcoin and rightfully holds the copyright to the Bitcoin whitepaper and other Bitcoin-related IP.“

„We therefore expected that CSW would continue to pursue all legal options to defend its name and its invention,“ said the crypto fund.

The fund supports Wright’s lawsuit after forks of Bitcoin, such as BTC and BCH, attempt to capitalize on the value of the Bitcoin name „despite deviating from Bitcoin technology as presented by CSW in the whitepaper, while.“ they denigrate the only version of Bitcoin that still implements this original vision today as BSV. “

The Bitcoin Fight

In the legal notice, the parties were told that they had two weeks to comply with the request. The deadline for the three to respond was February 3rd at 11 a.m. EST, while Square, the payment giant, had until February 4 at 11 a.m. EST.

Since they have not yet reported, the penalty is as follows:

„If this does not happen (fulfillment of the claim by the specified date), we are instructed to initiate proceedings without further notice in which we will demand an injunction and appropriate financial compensation for your infringement of the copyright in the white paper.“

This includes additional damages to be paid as the violations are considered „willful and shameless“, costs, and the posting of relevant notices on your website and advertisements about the outcome of the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Unbounded clarifies that Wright’s lawsuit is not aimed at removing the Bitcoin whitepaper from the open internet.

„Instead of trying to make the whitepaper disappear, CSW has made it clear that it only intends to take action against people who use it in an attempt to“ pass „Bitcoin competitors like BTC and BCH on as Bitcoin,“ the statement said Funds.